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Winter sports in pregnancy.

A pregnancy is not only fun, but also worries. The expectant parents want to take any chances and are often confused. Is skiing in pregnancy dangerous or risks can be reduced? Sport and pregnancy

Pregnant during the winter holidays? If the attending physician does not concern a winter holiday is always a good idea. Strained trips should be avoided, however. What exactly is exhausting, is located on the carrying capacity of the pregnant women. Sporty women have no problems with long hikes or lightweight climbing. Caution but with trips over 1800 meters , because here the oxygen content of the air decreases. This strains the pregnant woman and is unhealthy for the child. The temperatures, however, are hardly problematic for the child. The body of the mother, makes an increasing circulation to ensure that the baby is not damaged. Freeze or sweat heavily pregnant but should not.

Winter Sports in pregnancy.

Sporting Pregnant survive the birth easier and faster then recover, which also benefits the baby. For ambitious achievements pregnancy is but the wrong phase of life. The conditions for winter sports in pregnancy are at first:

  • Doctor’s advice
  • No new sports start
  • Reliable companion or achievable help
  • Just below 1800 meters

The judgment of the practitioner is not binding on the pregnant woman. She is the one who must decide. The attending physician will be but because of its expertise in a position to assess the risk and make a recommendation. In a healthy pregnancy, he must also take into account to what sport it is, and whether the mother is an experienced athlete. Not advisable in all cases of pregnancy with the winter sports to start during a beginner. The risk of injury is then too high.

Risks for pregnant women in winter sports.

In the last third of pregnancy, the body prepares for birth. The load capacity of ligaments and tendons is not as high as at the beginning. As a result, the risk of injury increases. Risk factors for skiing or snowboarding:

  • Pulse 130
  • Overheating due to wrong clothes
  • Cooling by inappropriate clothing
  • Overexertion
  • No fast-access help
  • Full slopes with risk of collision

The pulse can be checked with a heart rate monitor. Multifunction clothing should also sit well. Pregnant women must therefore be dressed frequently reassessed in the ski holiday. But even tough slopes are less suitable so if youre  pregnant with little routine or high probability fall should avoid winter sports and not take unnecessary risks. The probability that the unborn child of a healthy and athletic pregnant women taking damage at a slight fall, is small.