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Winter time is sauna time

When winter sets in, colds have high season. Of the many more or less sensible suggestions on how to strengthen the immune system, sauna is one of a definitely the best.

Sauna Saunas have been around for thousands of years. It is believed that they were used for ritual purification before. Today, the sauna is considered the fountain of youth, detoxification and also as a silver bullet against colds. In spite of all, however, infections are possible. A sauna with the obligatory subsequent cooling mimics the extreme temperature changes, which can be fatal to our immune system in winter. The sauna is a kind of workout for the body’s defenses. On the other hand would be the task of wanting to cure a cold already broken out in the sauna, not only pointless, but because of the high demands on the circuit counterproductive. But in other respects, sauna protects from possible infections. The high temperatures are even capable of destroying viruses – a fact that our body makes when fever advantage. And along the way especially the humid air from steam baths supports the natural barrier function of the mucous membranes.

Take special care?

People with heart disease should for safety’s sake speak with their doctor before they expose themselves to extreme temperatures. Even if you have high or low blood pressure is due to the sometimes very rapid vascular changes you need to be cautious. People with low blood pressure increase the temperature slowly as possible starting with the lowest bench, while people with high blood pressure are better off with a moderate form of cooling. Even those who are physically completely healthy, a stay of 15 minutes should not exceed, and attempt to stand up directly from a lying position.

If asthma, epilepsy or other diseases associated with acute inflammation are present, saunas are not recommended for reasons of principle.