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The inhaler has many advantages

Face to hot steam for colds? This application is one of the most popular home remedies, while she holds many dangers. Inhalers are much better suited to treat respiratory diseases.

Steam inhaler for noseColds are onerous. The nose swells and breathing is difficult. Often tearful eyes, the head aches and finally also suffers the circuit. The most infections are quite harmless, even if they are to last a week in average and difficult to accelerate. Therefore, most sufferers are focused on making the symptoms more bearable. Inhalations are very helpful because they treat the whole organism. First and foremost, moisten the mucous membranes and reduce swelling. The effect will occur fast. After just a few minutes breathing is much easier. Through a towel over your head can prevent vapors from escaping. The cloth also ensures that the patient starts to sweat. Also applies an effective method for colds.

Risks by popular vapors.

This popular home remedy for colds is the vapors with various additives. Is it safe is not. The heat load on the circuit, in the worst case the person is even faint. And even without fainting is a risk that the hot water is knocked over by a careless movement, great. The consequences are severe burns. But this makes the risk of inhalation over Mother’s cooking pot too dangerous for children and health ailing family members. But there is a suitable alternative that is not even expensive.

Inhale through the inhaler without risk.

The inhaler is the modern and safe tool for therapy with vapors. The hot water is filled into the lower part and attach the essay. It includes only the mouth and nose. So eyestrain, which are sensitive to hot steam. The biggest plus point of the inhaler is its safe handling. Cold patients should still adhere to the instructions for use. Basically can not handle alone with the inhaler in children. Suitable special cold ointments or solutions for inhalation with essential oils that are available individually or as a combination package with inhaler in pharmacies. If there is inflammation in the upper respiratory tract inhalation with chamomile flowers or chamomile extract are known and have proven themselves. Allergy and asthma sufferers should be aware that essential oils can cause allergic reactions in certain circumstances. The alternative is an electrical inhaler, which, for example, isotonic saline solutions can be verneblt and inhaled. Bear in mind is always that a cold is not a serious disease, but can slow down circulation strong. Therefore, patients should focus on protecting and supporting activities. Is allowed, what feels good. When inhaled twice daily is useful, but not longer than 10 minutes. The water used must be kept for a few hours. It is also important that the inhaler is thoroughly cleaned to prevent the nucleation.