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With diabetes on the road – you should make sure

The holiday period is for many people the best time of the year. Whether at home or away from home, holiday means to relax and recover from the stress of everyday life. This is also true for diabetics, which are open with the right preparation and remote destinations.

Diabetes Unfortunately, diabetics can not go on holiday they have the disease, but only with their disease. Thanks to modern equipment but is a journey with diabetes today an insurmountable problem more. However, the disease requires careful preparation to experience any unpleasant or even dangerous surprises on holiday. So should, if the destination is established, start time with the travel arrangements. Firstly, there is a detailed discussion with the doctor who informed about necessary vaccinations. In addition to the standard vaccinations for diabetics can also hepatitis A and B vaccination be useful, especially with them many disorders are more severe. In addition, recommended vaccinations for each travel destination should be exercised. In addition, the doctor may give important tips on adjustment in insulin requirements on long-haul flights, with time shifts or any interactions between diabetes medications and other necessary for travel agents, such as malaria prophylaxis.

Important travel arrangements.

As every tourist must not give up a first aid kit and a diabetic on vacation. In addition to the usual custom in destination basic equipment, diabetics still need to think of an adequate diabetes care. Thus, access to diabetes medication be taken to a double quantity and distributed against the loss of several pieces of luggage. The same goes for blood glucose test strips, lancing devices. And insulin and blood glucose meter with batteries should be present in duplicate. As part of their travel arrangements diabetics should talk with your doctor, who may also exhibit a diabetic passport, in  English. So doctors are quickly informed about the disease locally in an emergency. Also important is a certificate of need diabetics requirements in order to avoid problems at customs or at the airport.

Frequent measuring yourself will give security.

Whether through the unfamiliar food, travel stress or a change in daily routine with more or less movement can quickly derail a diabetic of well-controlled blood sugar levels on vacation. To counteract this time, diabetics should therefore measure their blood sugar levels frequently traveling and of course always have a complete set of their diabetes needs at hand, which also glucose can not be missing for emergencies. For longer trips is also recommended a special insulated bag, because insulin may be stored neither too hot nor too cold.