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With training and aids for incontinence

The diagnosis of incontinence are the most affected themselves. They watch as starts to dribble urine or at worst a urine stream comes at a sneezing, coughing or laughing fit. A stressful situation that can cause even that patients avoid publicity.

IncontinenceThe symptoms can vary in severity. Therefore, the physician between urge incontinence, stress incontinence is different, and some other forms. Urge incontinence is particularly common. The urge to urinate occurs in this case so suddenly that the way to the toilet is almost impossible to create. This form of incontinence occurs in cystitis. However, it may be the result or the accompaniment of nervous diseases. Stress incontinence is reflected in the sudden flow of urine through a specific cause. This can be a laugh or cough be in an advanced stage but also heavy lifting or even complete relaxation. To date, the incontinence is a taboo subject. This is all the more regrettable since it already are a variety of treatment options. Depending on the cause, these drugs can mitigate, sometimes surgery is necessary, which eliminates the incontinence in most cases. Last but not least, an incontinence also have serious causes that require medical investigation,  such as tumors that are not necessarily malicious.

How women prevent incontinence.

Prevention is an important issue for incontinence. And when the first symptoms have already occurred, some tips can help to influence the course positive. For women, there are specific exercises, exercising the pelvic floor. Among the sports riding strengthens the pelvic floor especially sustainable. At risk for problems with the pelvic floor are women after spontaneous delivery. If ligaments can not slow to adjust to the load, there is the possibility of damages. For those affected, the midwife is the right person that explains the proper exercises early. Since women often suffer from urinary tract infections percentage due to the short ureter, the right treatment is also important here. Antibiotics should be taken until the last prescribed tablet. After a few weeks, recommends a precautionary check-up.

Incontinence in men a topic.

Even if incontinence occurs in women and men and is generally perceived as very stressful, so the number of female patients trust their physician but to earlier. Men often do not know which doctor is the right person for them. It may even bring clarity to the first gear to the doctor. In many cases, the prostate is the trigger, but also the other possible causes must be clarified, because the treatment results speak for themselves. Until then support the market with tools, such as pre- and deposits, as well as protective pants that absorb the urine and neutralize the odor.