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Wound healing after tattoos: Proper care is crucial

Tattoos are not just a trend: the body jewelry that gets under your skin, is a statement. However, the insertion end experience requires proper care to promote wound healing and to protect the color.

Tatoo careA fresh tattoo is to be compared with a uniform abrasion, although the tattoo still has the cuticle. Immediately after piercing the tattoo artist rubs the open wound with wound healing cream and covered it with a plastic wrap. In this way no dirt gets into the tattoo. It also prevents the mixture from wound fluid, blood clots and color. Depending on the recommendations vary studio when the film must be removed between 3-24 hours. Three hours should stay at least on the skin, the film, then everyone can freely decide.

Do and Don’t in the treatment of tattoos.

In order to promote the healing of the tattoo, it should be two to three times to be cleaned a day with warm water and pH-neutral soap. On the tattoo a crust made of cast-off epidermis whose cells form were destroyed by the pinholes. Thus, the crust is not damaged and the emission of color prevents the tattoo by hand and only a little water supply is clean. After it is blotted with a clean, lint-free cloth. After this procedure, it is recommended that the skin to some rest and lotion thin the tattoo after an hour. It is important that the irritated skin does not dry out and scab is kept supple. Due to rare creaming can develop cracks that leave a break in the gradient. Frequent creams promotes the color output. Three to six times a day creaming is optimal. Four to six weeks after the tattoo appointment are sauna, swimming pool, sun exposure and Sports absolutely taboo. The chemicals and perspiration are counterproductive to the healing process.

The proper tattoo care products.

Anyone who has studied due to an impending or recent tattoo with toiletries, knows the market offers a lot. The best known agent is, inter alia, petroleum jelly, but which contains no care substances. Vaseline simply ensures that the skin remains supple, and is not suitable for treatment. Zinc albums and antiseptic creams irritate the wound unnecessary and slow the healing process, rather than to support it. The specially developed for the treatment of tattoos tattoo cream products such as After inked tatoo” is well tolerated. However, the well-known and proven Bepanthen cream is also a good choice. Thinly it promotes wound healing and preserves the color intensity of the tattoo without causing unnecessary costs.