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All about Green smoothie

Even the comic books heroes of our youth have led the way: Whenever danger threatened in default, the druid Getafix touches its made of green leaves and herbs potion to support his unyielding Gallic village in the fight against the Romans with magical powers. Even Popeye the sailor fell back on the tried and tested box spinach to inflate his muscles when needed.Green smoothie

However, despite the laudable pioneering role of a fictional childhood hero, the man came a few years ago to the glorious idea. Green leaves and green vegetables in liquid form also can be taken in everyday life.

It is not so much about the pure muscle power, as much more about the health per se, which is intended to promote the little green helpers. Over about 5 years, the fruit and vegetable cocktails experienced an incomparable hype in the fitness and health, which prompted us to take the issue once more closely.

What do you need for green smoothie?

A smoothie has a smooth, creamy consistency. It’s a mix of a lot of fruits and vegetables and therefore has lots of good vitamins and nutrients. Fashion magazines and lifestyle shows the history of the legendary Green Smoothies.

In all popular books and on all relevant websites is usually a 50/50 or 60/40 mix proposed and the following materials are needed to produce.

  • Fresh fruit (apples, pears, bananas, oranges, kiwis)
  • Predominantly green vegetables and herbs (spinach, lettuce, wild herbs, carrots green, avocado)
  • Optional: spices (cinnamon, curry, chili), ginger, vanilla beans, dark chocolate, Baobab powder, hemp protein powder
  • A mixer (preferably with a capacity of over 25,000 turnovers).

To make green smoothies filling by proteins can use for example, powder and avocado to work as an additive. Also include vitamins A, D, E and K to the fat-soluble vitamins, to use the fat as a transport medium.

Through a very high resolutions engine of the cell walls are broken and most effective in their most natural form, similar to those of human cells, decomposed. So Furthermore, can also easily be crushed nuts or berries without residues, resulting in a much more pleasant drinking experience, because often arises in mixers with low rotation and blade number in the container, a fibrous and not really “smoother” Mix.

We humans have made it our habit to cook everything we tolerate not very good. At first glance, this makes perfect sense, the protection of plant cell is finally broken and it leads to better compatibility and less inflation, for example, the consumption of various types of cabbage. However, since we by heating beyond the 42 ° mark destroy a lot of valuable nutrients (vitamins and trace elements), we try to find other ways to get to the protected inner workings. Also, by the use of oil and acetic only a fraction of the nutrients can be absorbed in the intestine. That is why we use as a helper a mixer that comes everything “cells walls breaker”.

Who only 1-2 times a week a green smoothie making and makes use of for the basic ingredients, such as spinach and lettuce, can continue to use his kitchen blender. If it comes to a daily use, even with hardboard strength ingredients, nuts or berries, I would recommend a high-performance mixer with 28000-36000 rpm.

Healthy snacks with smoothie.

Is that not enough for the daily consumption: an apple, a banana and a small salad as a side dish in the evening? According to the WHO (World Health Organization) unfortunately, is not enough, it speaks of 5 servings of fruits and vegetables, which should consume an average during the day to play it safe. If you consider that millions of years ago we were descended from the primates and our genetic material still to 98%, our eating habits similar to their original eating habits no longer. Ready meals based on nutrients and processed foods such as pasta, rice and bread and, of course, sweets in all variations have natural constituents. But unprocessed foods such as vegetables and fruits are indispensable in the diet plans of man. Why or milk slice or mini fruit yoghurt for children suddenly considered legitimate snacks but not a handful of lettuce with a few nuts or a banana and a little spinach? Correct: Because they are not as tasty and partly connected with the preparation and expense.

How often smoothie could be consumed?

The low complexity is probably the reason why green smoothies currently experienced such popularity. With in no time and without much effort you can drink a lot of vegetables or anywhere in a handy bottle. From one hande to cook anything it takes longer, on the other hand many people complains of bellyache or bloating when eat raw food. So the WHO-recommended 5 servings a day, to feel free to consume meaningful dietary supplement about green smoothies.

Purchased snacks or homemade smoothie?

If we really look at the popular smoothies from supermarkets closer, it soon becomes clear that mostly fruit is processed, and some green vegetables too. In addition, they are adulterated with fruit juices, which increases the amount of calories upwards.

The high fructose (fruit sugar) content leads to a rapid rise in blood sugar levels and food cravings can only be controlled easily because the sugar can enter the blood immediately. Therefore it is better to once spend the extra money for a good blender, than in supermarket shopping on day poor quality by exorbitant prices.

Positive impact.

Decades of studies clearly demonstrate the benefits on that brings the consumption of fruit and vegetables with it, when it comes to acute and chronic diseases. A study by Emiko Maeda of Portland State University in 2013 examined the effects of 4 weeks of daily drinking of green smoothies on blood pressure and health-related quality of life. Although there were no significant effects on blood pressure are found, but on the abdominal circumference, which might just help in the fight against obesity and diabetes. However critically question is, whether it was because of the green smoothies per se or simply more of fruits and vegetables compared to the previous eating habits, which only took to the participants in the 4 weeks. In addition, you do not know whether the liquid form makes the difference, or whether the consumption would have already had a positive effect as per se. Generally one can say though: Consumption of plenty of fruit and vegetables, make our life more healthier.