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Stop snoring before the partners

Snorers are probably the most popular bedfellows, as they prevent the sleep and thus the much needed recovery of the partner. But snoring can be annoying not only for the partner but also pose a threat to those concerned. Reason enough to put an end to snoring.

SnoringBasically, snoring is no annoying habit that can be stored easily, because there are usually reasons for the disturbing noises in his sleep. In general, snoring is the physical reaction to a difficulty in breathing that occurs mainly in oral breathing in the supine position. In addition to colds and allergies, there are other causes that may be responsible for loud snoring. How are often related anatomical narrowing of the throat in combination with the limp muscles during sleep triggers audible vibrations during breathing. Favors this effect by alcohol and sleeping pills and tranquilizers that have a relaxing effect on the muscles. But obesity can trigger by fatty deposits inside your mouth snoring. Women snore while less likely than men because their throat is more elastic by the action of the hormone estrogen. After menopause, the ratio of male and female snorers other hand, is mostly balanced.

What can you do about snoring itself.

Although the causes of snoring are quite different, the results are generally similar and has so many partners driven to the uncomfortable sofa in the living room. It may be helpful to reduce the favorable factors such as alcohol and obesity. Since snoring also occurs primarily in the supine position, is a simple antidote that sleep on their side. In addition, the palate and jaw muscles can be strengthened by appropriate exercises so that it is not as strong at night relaxed and narrows the airways.

More ways to snoring.

If these simple measures are not sufficient to prevent snoring, perhaps aids such as a nasal strips, a nose clip or a mandibular splint can solve the problem. In contrast, rhinitis nasal irrigation and the short-term use of decongestant nasal drops have been proven. But snoring is not just a burden for the partner, but can also indicate dangerous pauses in breathing. This called sleep apnea disorder can significantly affect the health, because in addition to restless sleep and lack of nocturnal recovery can also be a stroke or heart attack as a result. Here to help if other means remain ineffective, special breathing masks to keep open by gentle air pressure airways during sleep. Sometimes, however, surgery is needed, especially if anatomical narrowing of the pharyngeal region are the cause of snoring.