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Alternatives to joint replacement: treat hip pain minimally invasive

Pain or restricted movement in the hips are one of the most common reasons why patients visit their orthopedists. In approximately 220,000 cases per year result in discomfort in the hip in US used an artificial hip joint. What many patients do not know: There is a whole range of joint-preserving treatment methods. Joint replacement

Begin these therapies in time, can by means of gentle minimally invasive procedures a variety of ailments can be effectively alleviated. The implantation of an artificial hip joint (hip replacement) is then no longer or only at a much later date often necessary.

Arthroscopy of the hip as a routine procedure.

A particular focus of the clinic is the joint-keeping operations. Hip arthroscopy or arthroscopy is a method by which you can treat many diseases of the hip. Arthroscopy of the hip requires a great deal of experience by the attending physician. “That is because the hip joint as opposed to the knee or the shoulder is very difficult to access. Only in specialized centers a physician can gather enough experience to apply the method safe.In arthroscopy, the surgeon guides the fine instruments on two circa two centimeters long cuts to the joint. The muscles of the hip remains unharmed. With the help of a camera possible damage are identified and treated in the same step.

Treat pain early to avoid joint replacement.

Often it takes a long time until a patient finds a specialist. In this case, early treatment is critical in order to obtain the joint as long as possible. Causes of the complaints are often bony changes, injury of the articular lip or hip osteoarthritis. Even congenital or acquired deformities such as hip dysplasia eventually give rise to pain. The typical hip pain manifests itself in the groin and is mistaken for a groin pain. For this reason, the doctor takes a lot of experience to determine the cause of complaints. The fact that we offer at our center the full range of treatment methods, we can quickly make a reliable diagnosis and individually decide which therapy for the patient is the most appropriate.

If the hip too badly damaged, an endoprosthesis is inevitable. But especially for young patients of the early use of an artificial joint is not without problems. After about 15 to 20 years, the joint wears out and must be replaced. In a changing operation such that risk of complications is significantly higher than for primary implantation. That is why it is so important early start the minimally invasive treatment. As a result we can often prevent a chronic course of the disease, relieve symptoms and avoid the artificial joint replacement.