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Frequent showers can affect the skin

For most people hear the daily shower to normal personal hygiene, because it rids the body of dirt and unpleasant body odors. However, frequent showers can also have negative effects on the skin, especially if too hot, showered too long or at the wrong toiletries.

Frequent showersAs the largest organ of the human body, the skin must be particularly neat to get their numerous functions. This includes in particular its barrier function against harmful germs such as bacteria, viruses or fungi, and other substances. To prevent the penetration of these contaminants effectively, the skin has a complex structure composed of several layers, one of which is the uppermost layer together with the acid mantle of the skin’s natural barrier. Composed of keratinized skin cells that are like a wall held together by skin oils, the skin layer composite solid this is an important prerequisite for a healthy and resilient skin. An additional protective function satisfies the acid mantle that covers the horny layer as thin water-fat film. It protects the skin from moisture loss, but also ensures Due to its composition of sebum, sweat and constituents of the horny cells for an acidic environment, which is essential for healthy skin flora and an intact defense.

Showers can attack the skin barrier.

Whether you are bathing, washing or showering, by cleaning with water next to dirt, sweat and excess sebum always a part of the natural skin barrier is removed. This effect is enhanced even more by prolonged contact with water, hot water and shower gels or soaps strong base that neutralize the natural acid mantle. However, both the acid mantle and the horny layer balanced skin regenerates within a few hours. Unlike the looks, however, those with sensitive or dry skin. For an already damaged skin barrier can be permanently damaged by frequent showers. First warning signs of an imbalanced skin can be redness, tightness, itching and flaking. In order not to pull the skin here in addition, for daily personal hygiene Special care is needed.

Right showers does not harm.

Although many dermatologists advise against daily showers and instead recommend washcloth for cleaning hands, feet, armpits or groin area, no one will miss with healthy skin on his daily shower. However, the hygiene should not be exaggerated. So already wealthy few minutes out from under the warm shower for a thorough cleaning, which can be supported by mild, moisturizing shampoo. In addition, the skin should not be rubbed dry after a shower, but rather gently dried and then treated to a high-fat and moisturizing care, then even sensitive skin can recover quickly and build their natural protective layer again.