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Beautiful feet for sandals time!

When temperatures rise, the clothing is scarce. Thick sweaters make short, T-shirts take a place and soft boots replaced by sandals, flip flops and Co. Not always, however, the pale winter toes a beautiful sight and it is high time to start with a special foot care program.

Beautiful feetHardly any part of the body is so little cared for like the feet. They have to work extremely hard and uncomfortable and often in airtight shoes daily. Especially in northern latitudes stick the feet for most of the year in thick socks and shoes. No wonder that they react with the cornea, calluses and ingrown toenails or crooked. It is not difficult to put the feet on its own with a small but regular pampering in the form so that they appear nice and well maintained not only to Sandals time, but throughout the year.

Care on their own.

Should begin the pampering with a warm foot bath that provides particularly after a long day of relaxation and also softens hard skin and calluses. Depending on requirements, can be used as bath salts lavender or rosemary, which have relaxing or stimulating effect and enhance the beneficial effects of the bath yet. Who suffers, however, under foot perspiration, can inhibit the production of sweat with oak bark or walnut leaves. However, the footbath should not take too long, otherwise the delicate skin of the feet softens too strong and is prone to injury, bacteria and other germs such as athlete’s foot. After bathing the feet, especially between the toes should therefore be dried thoroughly. When you scratch the soles firmly with the towel, you can also remove excess, softened by the bath cornea. After the bath, the nails are so far softened that they can be easily cut with scissors or a clipper. The nails should be as straight as possible to conclude with the toes. If necessary, the corners can be rounded off with a file.

The cuticle, however, should only be pushed back and not cut, they can easily inflamed. Subsequently, the nails can be buffed with nail oil or a beautiful nail polish. Before colored paints, however, a base coat should always be used to prevent unsightly discoloration. The conclusion of the wellness program then forms a cream or foot pack, the feet will donate much needed moisture and makes it soft and supple.

Sometimes professional help is appreciated.

However, in some cases, their own care program is not sufficient to maintain to the feet perfectly. To require ingrown nails and persistent corns a professional treatment. Just diabetics should use regular professional foot care, because cracks, fissures and injuries among them can lead to hard to heal wounds quickly.
Foot and nail fungus must be treated consistently and regularly by the victim. If no improvement is achieved, the visit to the dermatologist is essential.