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Babies suffer from colds very often

Everyone knows how much a cold stressed the general well-being, but babies suffer particularly hard hit by cold and Co., and also much more likely than adults. But a cold also has a positive aspect, trained them and strengthens the immune system is not fully developed baby.

Colds Usually the first baby gets cold at the age of three to five months when the nest protection wears off through breast milk. In addition, babies begin to take at this time, more and more things in their mouths, which can also increase the risk of infection. Then have rhinovirus colds and other pathogens that are transmitted through droplets on time easy game. The immature immune system can fight off the pathogen is not as easy as in adults, and the delicate mucous membranes in the nose and throat to swell. Since babies usually breathe through the nose, the breath is now particularly difficult, because the already in babies still narrow airways. It’s not unusual, nasal obstruction problems related with breastfeeding and drinking from the bottle. A possible solution are saltwater nasal drops and decongestant nose drops may offer, these should be given to infants after consultation with the pediatrician.

When should babies with cold symptoms see the doctor?

Denied the food by child due to a cold, or it is visibly weakened or cries in pain, it should always consult a doctor, since in addition to a cold, other diseases may be behind the complaints. In addition, many of the licensed adult-counter cold medications for children and babies are not suitable. Thus, for example, babies may not be treated with essential oils and even with antipyretics exact dosing instructions must be observed. While today are already for babies and children corresponding counter drugs are available, but they should not be given without medical advice, especially in infants. Better suited here are moist cold compresses with lukewarm handkerchiefs. Keeps the fever still more than a day or a fever baby is very high, then a pediatrician should also be consulted.