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Homeopathy for Pets

More and more people prefer so-called gentle healing methods offered by the nature with its incredibly wide variety of medicinal plants, minerals and other substances for the treatment of disorders and mood disorders. This healing methods such as classical homeopathy but today successfully used not only in humans but also common in pets.

Homeopathy for petsClassical homeopathy is a healing method that is based not only on the symptoms, but rather looks at the patient as a whole. The main objective here is to find out possible causes of the imbalance in the body that triggers the symptoms and to activate through the gift of similarly-acting agent’s self-healing powers of the body. This method can therefore be applied to both humans and animals, with the history of animals made much more difficult because the verbal level is missing and can be done only on the basis of the diagnostic observations of the veterinarian and the pet owner.

Homeopathy for pets really help?

While proponents like to make the argument that animals are not susceptible to the so-called placebo effect, lead to the opponents of homeopathy that animals are indeed influenced, because, as several studies have shown react animals like people to care and placebos. Nevertheless, there are a number of diseases that can be treated successfully in domestic animals with homeopathic remedies by the self-healing powers of animals to be mobilized. Thus, various mental disorders are well treated, for example, indigestion, allergies, motion sickness but. Of course, homeopathy has limits even with pets. Thus, neither a broken leg still a severed nerve or a cancer be cured in the final stage with homeopathic remedies. However, it often offers a useful complement to conventional medicine because they can, for example, accelerate the healing process after surgery. However, before engages in unclear complaints themselves globules, drops or tablets, a veterinarian should always be sought that can prevent a thorough analysis and rapid baseline, a spread of disease and possible consequences.

Homeopathic remedies for pets are no different from those for human.

As in classical homeopathy in general stand-alone funds come with one drug used, which are selected according to the individual clinical picture, find the same homeopathic medicines for humans and animals use. These are in addition to the known globules as drops, tablets, creams or injection solutions. Equally suitable for all animals involved are the sweet lobules, which contain no alcohol or lactose. Some manufacturers now offer directly tailored to Animals agent with marked VET. In addition, of course are the correct doses and potencies, depending on the size of the animal as well as on the clinical picture. To avoid this error, a qualified homeopathic veterinarian should be consulted for the benefit of the pet.