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Back pain after respiratory disease

For the Amiricans back pain after respiratory disease is the second most common reason for a doctor’s visit. In most cases, surgery is not necessary, so that the rapid implementation of first aid measures can relieve acute pain and prevent further. In particular, the use of heat-generating back patches has proven to be an emergency measure.

Back painBlazing backache such as in a lumbago or a slipped disc when a nerve is pinched or irritated. Wear and tear, genetic predisposition or a weak back muscles to promote these derailments of the spine. Often it is sufficient, the surrounding muscles to relax and to work around strong, chronic pain. The reflex muscle spasm is the reason for the change in posture, are forced into the victim, and must be solved as soon as possible to prevent further pain stimuli.

Heat for all skin types.

Whether back pain resulting directly or indirectly from muscle tension, is initially irrelevant for treatment. It is important to counteract the tension, with heat has proven to be an effective agent. For this reason, the back patch-the-counter in pharmacies operate on the principle of heat generation, which can be done in two different ways. In the well-known ABC plasters one uses for capsaicin, the active ingredient of the plant genus Capsicum, colloquially called chili. Capsaicin stimulates the circulation, this, heat is generated at the point where the back patch is applied. The other two namesake of the ABC plaster, arnica and belladonna, come now, however, no longer used. This type of back patches can be easily prepared with a mixture of oil and a pinch of cayenne pepper yourself.

Blade complaints does not release after two or three days, however, another self-treatment is counterproductive, and you should as soon as possible to imagine a doctor.