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Ear pain should always be taken seriously

Pain in the ears can be just as strong and penetrating as toothache, especially children. But adults can suffer from earache, although most have other causes, but should be taken seriously anyway.

Ear painOuter and middle part of the ear is more sensitive to pain. Since the tissue surrounding the bone and cartilage, is crossing by many nerves. Thus, inflammation and disease control in this area trigger most severe symptoms. Especially in children, the ear pain, which often occur in association with fever and a cold, as a rule sign of acute otitis.

Cause here is the spread of the pathogen from the nose and throat to the middle ear through the eustachian tube, which in children is much shorter than in adults. In addition to the middle ear infection, which is characterized by tingling, and pulsating pain,ear pain mainly in adolescents and adults, arise due to an inflammation of the outer ear canal. Cause here is mostly of a violation or excessive hygiene in the ear canal, which can lead to a subsequent infection in the ear or in the ear canal. In addition, however toothache also be accompanying symptoms of another disorder. So not infrequently tooth and jaw problems and disorders of the cervical spine to the ears are related.

How ear pain can be treating?

Basically, ear pain, especially in young children and infants are always a reason for a doctor’s visit. But adults should take it seriously and ear pain can clarify a lot of things. To make the pain, but to the doctor’s appointment, became a little more bearable, even simple home remedies is being applied in addition to painkillers. These include the warm onion bag, which has strong analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. It is easy to make yourself. Just boil a tablespoon diced onions, then fill in to the cloth or child sock, and placed as hot as possible to the affected ear zone. The application can be repeat as often as desired.