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If it itches and burns: treat hemorrhoids gently

Every person has: Hemorrhoids (also: hemorrhoids). The so-called hemorrhoidal plexus is a vascular cushion which is located in close proximity to the anus. There fulfills an important task: along with the sphincter, it seals the intestine safely to the outside.Hemorrhoids

For various reasons, these blood vessels can expand. The main cause of the enlarged vessels applies excessive straining during bowel movements. This is the case when the chair is too hard due to lack of exercise and a diet low in fiber. Even hereditary or age-related connective tissue and frequent diarrheal diseases could be the trigger. An increase in pressure in the abdominal cavity as in pregnancy, occurring in chronic cough or overweight, also contributes sometimes to the emergence.

Necessarily go to the doctor: If you have problems in the anal area.

The excretory organs are among the last taboos of the human body. Because many patients is the subject uncomfortable, they are often ill-informed. Symptoms of hemorrhoids include itching, burning, foreign body sensation or a pain during bowel movements. These symptoms can also be a sign of a more serious disease such as a tumor in the rectum. For this reason, one should consult for clarification in each case a doctor. In addition, also applies to hemorrhoids: the earlier the treatment begins, the better are the chances of success.
The severity of the disease, a distinction between the stages one to four.

Gentle HAL method and operation after LONGO.

Against mild discomfort help ointments or suppositories. From the second stage of the disease nescesary of the surgical procedure has proven. Previously, the enlarged vessels were simply cut out. The mucous membrane of the anus was doing badly injured and the patients often suffer from severe pain for weeks. Today sparing minimally invasive treatment methods are available, such as the so-called HAL method (hemorrhoid artery ligation). With an ultrasound probe, the doctor feels the artery to the hemorrhoid. Then he stands by them and surrounds them with a thread to restrict the blood supply. The ligated blood flow going the hemorrhoids in their original position – get the hemorrhoids remain themselves and to exercise their important function for fine conclusion of the intestine further. This method is very comfortable for our patients because we work in a largely pain-free area. Immediately after the procedure, the patient can go back home. The ability to work is given after hospitalization immediately.

In the third and fourth stage of the disease has become the operation by LONGO, also called anal Lifting. The surgeon cuts out using an ultra-modern stapling device, a mucous membrane cylinder and sutured the defect in one operation. Similar to the HAL method, the blood supply is interrupted and the piles return to their original position.
Both methods have very good long-term results. The relapse rate is significantly lower than in the outdated methods. Also complications such as bleeding, infection, or narrowing of the anal canal occur only very rarely in both methods.

This you can do by yourself.

To prevent the emergence of pathologically altered hemorrhoids, you should provide a regulated defecation. Here helps a vitamin- and fiber-rich diet with fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Also enough fluids and exercise help the intestines. Just go to the toilet, when you really need and not pressing. Who often has problems with constipation or diarrhea, you should definitely ask his doctor for advice.