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Birth rate in Transition

Birth rates are falling really? Is it true that couples have less interest in starting a family, or are the reasons maybe somewhere else? One thing is certain, never took the issue of child pairs as serious as it is today.

Pragnent women1.4 children get the American woman on average and this figure could fall further. While today the average age of new mothers is between 26 and 35, the number of women giving birth continues to rise late. In 2013 28.455 women were older than 40 at the birth of her child, since the number of women of childbearing age will decrease but according to statistics on, would in the next few years more than just bring a child into the world statistical older women, so that the 1.4 children per woman retained at all. That this happens is unlikely.

There are many reasons for maternity.

Each year, evaluates the Federal Statistical Office of the numbers of civil registration and rated the reported births, the age of the mothers and fathers, their education and marital status. The trends are projected to the year 2060 show that the causes must be urgently analyzed. The following reasons were given by the women involved:

  • Long training
  • Financial security as a target
  • Found a partner
  • Fertility problems

This shows that there must be different approaches to declining birth rates, especially against the background that more and more children are born out of wedlock and the system of supply marriage was abolished. Here threaten women who get the education time, other disadvantages. The problem of finding a partner increases with the level of education. About 30% of university graduates are singles. They say they can not find a suitable partner for starting a family. While male academics often marry women with lower educational attainment, women feel with a university degree in such a combination partner obviously uncomfortable and prefer to stay alone.

Help against childlessness.

The issue of declining fertility affects not only women over 35. Younger women and men are affected. Therefore, it is advisable not to wait the usual year, as it is commonly advised among young couples, before further investigations are undertaken on childlessness. Instead, small Fertility Monitors can find out if and when ovulation occurs. But there are more tips to improve fertility, and these should be taken into account by both. These include:

  • Quit Smoking
  • Little alcohol
  • Treat outs
  • Sports
  • Adequate sleep
  • Healthy eating

Couples who live a very stressful life and have little time for themselves, should at least consider their diet critical because vitamin deficiency can affect fertility adversely. The pharmacy provides both for the man and for woman dietary supplements that may be useful in shortage supportive and meet the requirement of micronutrients.