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Black Tea: A Stimulating enjoyment on cold days

Whether for breakfast, after dinner or to the famous five clock tea: Black tea is one of the most popular drinks of the Americans. In some countries of the world it is even used as a cure – so what are the curative and prophylactic properties of black tea?

TeaDo you know the history of black tea? According to legend, the wind was blowing nearly 5,000 years ago, a few tea leaves in the Chinese emperor cup of hot water. He tasted, was enthusiastic and the rediscovery triumphantly around the world. In the preparation you leaving today certainly nothing to chance: After the harvest, the leaves are carefully dried and then rolled up – in this way, the cell walls are broken. The essential oils and the associated characteristic aroma to develop optimally During the subsequent fermentation. Among the most important growing areas include Darjeeling and Assam in India, Sri Lanka or Ceylon, and some centers in China; from these regions of the black tea is exported to many countries.

Ingredients and their effect.

Like all so-called “real tea” made from the tea plant Camellia sinensis also contains black tea Caffeine, namely 20 to 50 milligrams per cup. While coffee drinkers take – depending on the preparation – between 50 and 130 milligrams significantly more of the perk-causing substance on, it sells tea fatigue much longer. Black tea contains theobromine and theophylline, the two substances in small quantities – both materials are used to medical treatment of respiratory diseases used. Other ingredients include tannins, also called tannins. You can counteract diarrhea and relieve inflammation. In addition, one writes them to growth inhibitory properties for various microorganisms. Also, some valuable nutrients, such as vitamin B, potassium and manganese are contained in black tea. The ability of the arteries to expand, increases with regular tea consumption – but only if he is drunk without milk. Thanks to the high content of fluoride tea drinkers also benefit from a dental restorative effect.

All-round enjoyment and preparation.

True connoisseurs know the different variants differ in taste. So Assam tea is considered strong and spicy, Darjeeling as mild, Ceylon tea as a fruity-tart. In addition to pure tea blends from different growing areas are very popular, especially Ostfriesentee, Earl Grey and English Breakfast. Whether black perks you up or tired, decided by the infusion: In two or three minutes he has a stimulating effect in three to five minutes, the caffeine with the tannins connects and can be taken only limited by the body – the tea provides relaxation. Whether stimulant or nightcap, one is always a hot cup of black tea: one by warming enjoyment on cold days.