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Can problems in the jaw provoke pain throughout the body?

Many people, who suffer from unclear pain, also have problems with the masticatory system. Studies suggest that a interconnection may exist.Jaw

Problems in the jaw area, as cracking joints, limited mouth opening, sensitiveness or abraded of teeth by constant clenching of the teeth are widespread. In the American study almost half of the approximately 7,000 participants was affected. Experts speak about these complaints of a craniomandibular dysfunction (CMD).

The causes of CMD are diverse. They range from undesirable developments through injuries and joint diseases through the psychological reasons. In some affected patients the symptoms may affect on quality of life strong. They, usually, suffer from pain or discomfort in the face, head or neck; but it can also cause dizziness, blurred vision, or back pain.

The trigeminal nerve as a communications hub.

Studies indicate, that there are other consequences. It was shown that, at the same time, up to three-quarters of patients, who suffer from fibromyalgia suffer from CMD. Although the studies cannot prove, whether a causal relationship exists or whether the CMD is only an accompanying phenomenon of other diseases. However, many scientists and doctors are convinced that there is a close connection here.

So joint disease or jaw misalignment can lead to chronic irritation of the trigeminal nerve. In this pain conductive fibers from different regions are connected. Once he receives pain signals from the jaw, the pain is perceived in other places of the body. Temporomandibular joint pain may radiate into the body thus far.

As treatment of temporomandibular dysfunction are primarily muscle relaxant action or a bite splint into consideration. In psychological causes also relaxation exercises can help. Often multimodal therapy, cooperate of the doctors and therapists from different disciplines, the greatest prospect of success.