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Can mindfulness meditation reduce stress on the job?

More and more people are suffering from burnout, often caused by the stress at work. Mindfulness meditation can help to cope with the stress at work everyday, and help to make working life more pleasant.

Mindfulness meditationThe mindfulness meditation have a number of positive effects. So they should not only contribute to the relaxation and allay fears, but also strengthen the immune system, among other things, prevent depression and improve the handling of disease or pain. Various research teams have recently investigated that exercises also reduce psychological stress at the workplace and lead to more pleasant working atmosphere and even better work results. Although it concerns investigation only to small scale, but they provide strong evidence that mindfulness meditation can help to make the everyday of work positive.

So investigation could show that an employee of a call center were able to considerably reduce their stress level if they attended every day at two short meditation sessions (ten minutes in the morning and five minutes in the afternoon). While the values for mindfulness come with practice, stress symptoms such as fatigue, tiredness, anxiety and depression were reduced.

Become more smooth through the mindfulness meditation.

A similar picture has show another study in which satisfaction and success at work were improved by a regular participation in mindfulness exercises. In the randomized controlled trial was be demonstrated that middle managers level improve receptivity to stress and level of satisfaction at work with eight-week mindfulness training and also show better results in their daily tasks.

Experts explain these positive results: People who meditate regularly quickly noted that they should not suffer from stress at work and prefer to take a break instead of rushing to the next to-do list. In the long term they will improve their achievements, while stress can be reduced. Seems it makes sense to be more composure and achieve a goal through the meditation. distance yourself from daily stress and find yourself. If then also be further improved work results, this of course is a positive side effect.