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Can sound wave massage mobilize the self-healing powers?

When the sound massage waves are transmitted to the whole body this leads to many positive effects and various applications.Sound wave massage

The sound wave massage is a new technology in which a massaging effect is achieved by sound pressure in the low frequency range. This harmonic oscillations with the aid of incorporated are transmitted into the body. The sound pressure application is perceived as gentle massage with great depth effect. Hearing plays a subordinate role. Rather, music and melodies with the whole body can be experienced. The perceived music in turn triggers several positive psychological and physical reactions.

When recording of sounds through the ear sound waves are converted into nerve impulses, which are processed in the brain. However, when sounds take on the body surface, they propagate through voids, bone and water molecules throughout the body. Each cell receives the oscillation, which results in a micro-massage on the molecular and cellular level. This results are in wide range of applications. The process will complement therapy mainly applied in neurology, geriatrics and orthopedics. Particularly in geriatrics very positive experiences have been made with the sound wave massage.

Intensive body perception.

The micro-massage gives an intensification of the perception of the body, which is often limited just to the elderly or patients with neurological disorders. Sensory disturbances can be reduced and the mobility can be improved. Often is enhanced deep breathing, observed the positive effect on the supply of oxygen to all cells and tissues. The sound wave massage results is in a relaxation of the deep muscles and can reduce pain. In addition, the vibrations can have a supportive effect on the airways and the intestinal peristalsis. Frequently, an emotional stabilization and improvement of concentration is observed.

The sound wave massage can therefore support therapeutic measures in various areas, and mobilize the self-healing powers. With times through tis therapy intake of drugs could be reduced at all. In bedridden patients a significant advantage is that the applications can be done lying down. Exclusion criteria there are few. Only patients with cardiac pacemakers and defibrillators, people with severe seizure disorders should not use the sound wave massage.