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Can Yoga relieve abdominal pain in children?

Not only adults can do yoga, and children tend to have fun. One study even shows, that yoga exercises can relieve abdominal pain in children.Abdominal pain

American researchers have investigated whether yoga can reduce abdominal pain and irritable bowel symptoms in children effectively. The scientists have studied 20 children, aged eight to 18 years, who suffered from functional abdominal pain or irritable bowel syndrome. The children took part in ten yoga classes. Meanwhile, they should note the frequency and the intensity of their pain was noted in a pain diary. Moreover, their quality of life was measured by using a questionnaire.

The study showed, that the frequency of complaints by the yoga significantly improved in all children. The intensity of pain decreased in all children, in the most recent time. After three months, you could still find a significant reduction in pain incidence in the eight to eleven year old children, in the elderly, after all, even occur a moderate reduction. Overall, in all the children were seen a significant improvement in quality of life. Apparently Yoga can, therefore, effectively reduce symptoms, such as abdominal pain and irritable bowel syndrome in children and improve their quality of life. Especially with younger children can be achieved a strong effect through yoga.

Children and playfully Yoga.

For children, special children’s yoga classes are sometimes offered. From about three to four years, children can take part in guided already offers, for example, in kindergarten. But children can also try earlier, just to participate the exercises that you can see for example with their parents. Children have a natural urge to imitate. Within the family can try certain exercises, therefore, already babies and toddlers.

Children should do the exercises but of course make only in the context, in which they have fun doing it. In most cases, however, this is the like that. Children often maintain a very imaginative-creative approach to the Asanas (kind of Yoga) and have a direct and especially sensually motivated physically access to the exercises, during them is not so important the rational level. Many children also love the mantra vocals, contemplation and meditation. Especially in India’s Baby and Kids Yoga is a frequently encountered practice. In any case, it represents a good promotion for the mental and motor development of children.