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How nasal irrigation help with sinusitis?

In chronic sinusitis nasal irrigation with saltwater it’s a sensible addition to the symptomatic therapy. This is confirmed by experts.

Nasal irrigationThe effect of the salt water shower (SNI saline nasal irrigation) on acute and chronic sinusitis (rhinosinusitis) was investigated in numerous studies. The results, however, were partly contradictory. Now the otolaryngologists have reviewed the international literature on the subject and published their results.

According to doctors, the use of the nasal irrigation especially in chronic rhinosinusitis (CRS) is worthwhile. In addition, all professional associations agreed that the SNI is “a useful complement” in the symptomatic treatment of chronic sinusitis. In acute rhinosinusitis, however possibly limits the efficacy of nasal irrigation.

Improve chronic rhinosinusitis symptoms with nasal irrigation.

According the view of researchers in the nasal irrigation important not only the correct amount of procedure but also the proper technique. While nasal sprays were hardly effective, the method has proved to be more effective with a larger volume. Also, the correct concentration of the brine should be noted: The best have proved 2 to 3.5 percent hypertonic solutions. At higher concentrations may occur severe irritation of the nasal mucosa. Also the authors not recommended made rinses with untreated tap water.

Chronic rhinosinusitis occurs in about 17 percent of the population in industrialized nations. Standard therapy by corticosteroids are often used. In some cases, a sinus surgery is performed with the aim of an optimal ventilation of the affected sinuses or to remove polyps.