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Constant fatigue it’s unhealthy

Constant fatigue can have many causes, starting from a disturbed sleep, poor diet and finishing with heart disease. Who constantly feel tired and exhausted, suffering from concentration problems, despite adequate sleep – has no power. You should try to find the possible cause of chronic fatigue along with a doctor.

Constant fatigueThe best and safest case, the continuous depletion is due to a disturbed biorhythm. Regular exercise, consequently avoiding a nap and will help improvement general of sleep.

Reaching of these simple measures requires little effort. But if you feel as slain after an extensive night’s of sleep, organic causes must be considered.
Is often detected late, dangerous Sleep Apnea can disrupt the supply of oxygen and cause the nocturnal breathing pauses. Not infrequently, that shortage of vitamin B12 or the trace element iron, are reason for the chronic fatigue. Both deficiencies solve untreated from a critical anemia, which significantly complicates the transport of oxygen.

Exhaustion as a companion chronic diseases

To treat chronic fatigue often difficult are underlying cardiovascular disease such as high blood pressure or heart failure, the cause must be treated as soon as possible. Even with various viral diseases or dysfunctions of the thyroid, lung, liver and adrenal fatigue is often the first sign.

Similarly, mental illness lead to chronic fatigue. The so-called Burnout Syndrome has now reached notoriety and can – like depression – by lethargy, feelings of weakness and insomnia announce.

Little research…

Especially complicated it when you’re dealing with the little-known chronic fatigue syndrome or chronic fatigue syndrome, which manifests itself in addition to fatigue by neck or muscle pain is. This often misunderstood disease is apparently often by viral infections, and is therefore tentatively treated with antiviral drugs.

Generally you should independent of sleep duration constant fatigue not to be taken lightly and let medical clarify.