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Contact allergy – if touches make you sick

The earrings look beautiful, but for some women it would have extremely unpleasant consequences to wear them, because almost every tenth woman is allergic to the often used in fashion jewelry precious metal nickel. But not only nickel can trigger a contact allergy.

Contact allergyBasically, there are a wide range of substances that can cause allergic contact dermatitis. The skin reacts sensitively to the contact with certain substances. Similar to other allergies are called allergens also trigger the over-reaction. However, in a contact allergy reaction is usually limited to the place that has come in contact with the allergen. The typical symptoms besides skin redness and swelling include itching and oozing blisters and crusts. Usually the symptoms develop but until hours or days later, so contact allergy is also known as hypersensitivity reaction of the delayed type.

As there is a contact allergy?

Like any allergy also a contact allergy develops only over time. After a first contact, the body’s immune system becomes sensitized to the particular substance, that is, it knows him and has classified as dangerous. However, this process usually runs from unnoticed and, depending on the substance from a few days up to several years last. Renewed contact the immune system is trying to make the appointed as a hazardous substance harmless to protect the body. It fights with the same weapons it uses against other dangerous attackers such as bacteria or viruses. The reason for this over-reaction to harmless substances in itself is so far not yet known. The search for the allergy-causing substances also is often difficult, because as a trigger quite different substances come into question. In addition to chemical compounds such as colorants and preservatives and natural substances such as latex, essential oils or plant can cause contact allergy. However, most common triggers are metals such as nickel or cobalt as well as fragrances or flavors.

Living with a contact allergy.

To treat an evoked by a contact allergy eczema, come in the acute stage primarily cortisone preparations are used, which suppress the itching and promote healing. In addition, antihistamines can help relieve the itching. For the treatment of inflamed skin is also Tar Ointment and therapeutic irradiation with UV radiation have been proven. However, it can also lead to unwanted side effects in each treatment. It is therefore better to avoid the allergens. For example, should be checked before the purchase of jewelry or clothes on hidden allergens. Clothing should be washed before wearing beyond. New cosmetics can, however, be tested on the inside of the forearm about two to three days for their safety.