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Yoga – harmonization of mind and body

Whether in a yoga school, in the gym or at the community college, more and more people are enthusiastic about the product derived from the Indian total body workout of yoga. This Yoga not only provides relaxation and inner balance, but also strengthens the mobility and the muscles.

Yoga Behind the derived from the ancient Indian concept of Yoga, which means as much as “unity” is not only a relaxation concept for the body hides. The aim is to bring body and mind rather to exploit their own strengths better. To achieve this goal, different elements are combined in yoga. This includes both physical exercises and breathing techniques and meditation, which thus provide a healthy feeling together for physical and mental relaxation and while yoga has been practiced in earlier times, especially on religious or philosophical level to gain spirituality and altered states of consciousness, the body also plays in today most commonly practiced form, Hatha Yoga, a role in the path to inner balance.

Hatha Yoga for relaxation and vitality.

The aim of Hatha yoga as it is practiced today in many courses, there is less to temper the body for meditation, but also to develop rather by the combination of movement, breathing and relaxation a better understanding of your own body. The concept is based essentially on three pillars:

Motion exercises (Asanas).

Use the exercises to be aware of the contact made to the body. Unlike gymnastics while it is important not to force or power, but rather slow and concentrated movements that help relax the body and release blockages. In addition, the joints are made more flexible, stabilizes the spine and the blood circulation – and thus the supply of the internal organs – are positively influenced.

Breathing techniques (Pranayama).

Special breathing exercises provide the Hatha Yoga is a supporting technology, with the balance of the respiratory and thus the body and mind to be relaxed. At the same time, the concentration can be increased with breathing exercises and negative influences such as stress are reduced.

Meditation techniques (Dharayanas).

Using various meditation exercises that are completed by beginners often in lotus position, is to be learned to shield themselves from external influences and thoughts to concentrate on the body and breathing.

Yoga as a therapy for various ailments.

Yoga provides not only for physical and mental harmony, but can also be used to alleviate a number of physical ailments. This, for selectively inserting Yoga for headache, sleep problems, fatigue, menstrual pains and tension. This yoga is not tied to a particular age or a certain physical fitness, but can be run from any and everywhere. To avoid injury, beginners should but always listen to your body and stop in pain immediately.