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Voluptuous curvy or overweight?

More than half of all Americans is too thick! This affects more and more young people and children. In this alarming increase of overweight people, which is typical of other developed countries, the World Health Organization has pointed out many years ago. But at what point you actually speaks of overweight and how does this happen?

OverweightNearly 70 percent of men and 50 percent of women in US are overweight and the number is increasing with age. Responsible for this are the today’s lifestyles. While man earlier by physical labor burned a lot of energy and thus fat, makes today in the age of lack of exercise and well-stocked supermarkets abound for the energy overweight. Because when the body more energy have a dietary intake as it burns, it stores the excess energy as fat in the so-called fat cells. When doing a fat cell can not absorb any more fat more messengers ensure that mature new fat cells. The congregation in mind is that while fat cells in weight loss but once formed shrink remain for a lifetime anyway.

BMI, a guideline for the determination of overweight.

That being overweight a variety of diseases such as high blood pressure, gout, arthritis or diabetes is well known favors, but unfortunately there is no universal table that specifies the data from obesity exists. As a guide, the so-called body mass index (BMI) is often used today, which sets the weight in relation to height. To calculate the BMI, the weight is divided by height squared. For adults, according to WHO standard, a BMI from 18.5 to 25 synonymous with normal weight. Between 25 and 30 speak of overweight and obesity from 30. However, in this calculation both gender and age, stature or other now known risk factors such as body fat distribution are not considered. In addition to adjusting the BMI intervals corresponding gender and age, hence the waist circumference in the body analysis is often included as just have proved in the abdominal area as a risk factor for cardiovascular disease, the fat pad.

In childhood, the foundation stone was laid for obesity.

Meanwhile, every fifth child in Germany suffers from obesity. The cause is usually a lack of exercise in addition to high-calorie food. The family eating habits play a special role. So are the children of parents who would like to engage themselves into meals, chocolate or chips significantly more likely to be overweight than children of parents who eat balanced. But school stress or teasing by classmates may promote obesity when food becomes the comforter. Diseases, however, are rarely the cause. But just in childhood, the foundation stone is laid for a lifetime of weight problems due to overweight already, and thus the risk of premature diabetes, cancer cardiovascular disease or degenerative joint disease, increased.