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Correct summer care for sensitive skin

Everyone is excited about the summer season finally started and the time that can be spent soaking up the sun and other outdoor activities. For the skin though the Summer time means an extreme nuisance, and especially sensitive skin now needs a special care.

Care for sensitive skinSmooth and supple, so to healthy skin look. This appearance is but just for people with sensitive skin usually a pipe dream, because their skin reacts to a variety of factors with irritation. This includes sunlight, which can cause sensitive skin not only drought, but also redness and irritation. Because in the summer, the skin loses by the interaction of low humidity, sunlight and heat a lot of moisture, so sensitive skin is still dry and loses its resistance. Access additional chlorine or salt water, the natural protective barrier of the skin, it is prone to inflammation and irritation.

Summer care starts with the cleaning of.

This sensitive skin summer is still not additionally irritated by sweating, heat, UV light and other factors, it needs a slight but nevertheless effective care. Should start this with the proper cleaning. It is precisely in the summer accumulate dirt next to a lot of sebum and sweat on the skin. Here a lukewarm shower the skin not only clean, but additionally refresh and maintain; especially if instead of soap ph-neutral and moisturizing shower gels are used. Baths should but rarely are on the program, because they can damage the already damaged skin barrier of sensitive skin also. Particularly important is the thorough cleaning of the face, because in addition to sebum clogs especially make-up the pores, so that redness and irritation in reinforced.

In the summer a little care is needed with moisture.

The main problem is their sensitive skin dryness, which is usually caused by a lack of fat and moisture. In order to strengthen the natural protective barrier of the skin here, they must be supplied after cleaning with moisture and fat. In summer, when the sun, wind and water dry the skin, especially moisture is needed. Therefore, both the face and the rest of the body should be supplied after cleaning with a mild, moisturizing cream or lotion. Particularly suitable are light oil-in-water emulsions, the skin out by ingredients like aloe vera or urea moisture. Care additives such as panthenol and vegetable oils also strengthen the natural hydrolipidic film of the skin and thus its resistance. Moreover, it should always be respected for sensitive skin to a sufficient sun protection as any other toiletries should be tested as possible to the skin and dermatological exactly. In addition, sensitive skin but also be maintained from within, because plenty of fluids and a nutritious diet support the natural regeneration of the skin.