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Diabetes in dogs

Diabetes mellitus – Dogs also suffer from diabetes. Your dog is constantly thirsty and losing weight despite increased appetite? Then your dog may be has diabetic. For what little is known, even dogs can suffer from the people at belonging to the endemic diseases, diabetes mellitus.

Diabetes in dogsAlthough dogs can just as we humans suffer from any form of diabetes, is in practice almost exclusively of diabetes mellitus type I, in which the insulin-producing cells of the pancreas no longer work enough. Unlike humans, however, the sugar metabolism disorder developed only in adult animals. This small breeds and castrated females are sick much more frequently. Although the causes are still poorly understood, genetic predisposition and certain hormones to the triggers of canine diabetes mellitus appear, is usually irreversible and requires the lifelong administration of insulin.

With Insulin sugar dogs can enjoy life again.

Most of the diabetes is not detected. If you still have in addition to the typical symptoms such as severe thirst, increased lowering and weight loss as well as increased feed intake symptoms or a clouding of the lens. Then should be initiated as soon as possible with the treatment in which the diabetic dog is injects a dose which determined by the veterinarian insulin twice daily. The setup procedure usually takes a few weeks and is subsequently adjusted based on blood glucose daily profiles come back to the current needs. Of particular importance are fixed feeding times. Regular veterinary checkups and good domestic surveillance you allow so even your sugar dog a long and happy dog’s life.