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Fit and healthy defy the continuous rain

Partly or half downpour – who wants to stay fit during extended rain should not let wet weather conditions spoil the mood. Reason enough to actively resist the constant rain.

Continuous rainHow much we appreciate a downpour when it has not rained for a long time. Especially in the hot summer months waiting eagerly for a wet cooling. Rain is a blessing for nature and so get street trees and garden plants a wet shower. We humans feel the patter of raindrops even sometimes be very pleasant, especially if we can make us really comfortable there. Most such a rain area also attracts over quickly again and the “wet” interruption is quickly forgotten. But what happens when the rain unexpectedly not want to stop, even lasts for days? The joy of the natural spectacle is quickly tarnished and completely disappeared. Continuous rain can lie on the mind and take pleasure in a variety of activities. But even then, it is especially important not to spoil the mood.

Good humor even in continuous rain.

To sit in continuous rain only in a warm room and watch through the windows raindrops is boring. It can also be used wisely this time and active. Protect your body and prepare him for the rain-soaked season. Walks in the fresh air keep the heart and blood circulation. Even if the clouds open up again and falling raindrops down, with the right clothes and the right footwear can be the wet weather defy. Once one has overcome his inner “brake”, the response falls into the open where it is wet and windy, no longer quite so hard. The immune system will be grateful if you can motivate even faster walking or running. However, care should be taken not to get wet clothes and especially feet wet.

Active also in continuous rain.

But Whom outdoor activities in showers are too uncomfortable, may be physical wellbeing positive influence in other ways. Make yourself comfortable, take your time and read a good book. Enjoy this tea to your taste. Or you devote your attention soothing body care and replace it with a day of pampering. Treat yourself to a warm bath with additives that can be revitalizing, relaxing or skin conditioning depending on the choice. Treat your hair with a rich package and your face with a mask. Gather with friends or go to the sauna. Regular sauna helps, among other things, to purify the body and strengthen the immune system.