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Manicured hands and fingernails for a perfect appearance

Daily hands must do hard work, because there is hardly any activity in which they are not overused. Thus, one can not tell them these hardships, already rich from some simple but regular maintenance actions and you have your hands never hide.

Manicured handsHonestly, when did you last looked after really hard to get your hands or fingernails? During face, neck and the rest of the body are treated almost daily with various creams and lotions, hands often come too short. They are the body parts that have to do most daily. Whether washing, gardening or house cleaning, rarely hands and fingernails against wind and weather, harsh detergents or dirt are protected by gloves. Cracked, damaged skin, minor injuries and broken fingernails are therefore not uncommon. High time to give your hands and fingernails enough attention to make them supple, appear gentle and cultivated again.

Hand care is neither difficult nor time-consuming.

To make dry and rough skin on your hands soft and supple again, should already be used in the purification of mild, soap-free synthetic detergents or pH neutral cleansing lotions, in addition to not attack the acid mantle of the skin. After thorough cleansing it’s time to give back the hands of fat and moisture. This reflects the choice of hand cream based around the needs of the hands. During the summer and at little stressed skin light creams should be chosen, the creams may fail richer and also supplement the lack of fat in addition to moisture in the winter or in heavily attacked skin. In addition, can help to nourish the skin even more as needed products with urea, panthenol, aloe vera or special vegetable oils. For very dry skin and chapped hands can also be bathed in oil or fat creamed overnight. Every now and then you should also pamper your hands with a peeling. In addition to the finished hand scrubs or a paraffin bath can this be used to remove excess skin flakes and stimulate blood circulation also a self-made scrub made from olive oil and fine salt. With regular care see your hands then not only healthy, but rather feel also supple and soft.

Do not forget nail care.

Although the fingernails and the skin around the nails also benefit from hand care program, but they also need a good manicure. This includes, for a regular cutting and filing the nails to avoid cracked or broken nails. On the other hand cuticles and nails can supported by special nail oils, creams, hardener or paints, strengthened and protected from environmental pollution. And who wants to emphasize his fingernails especially, can put them through the appropriate nail design perfectly.