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Don’t overdo with sports in spring

No sooner are the days become longer, the spring attracts many fans of sports outdoor. Especially aerobic exercise such as jogging, walking or cycling are very popular now because they bring not only the blood circulation and promote the health, but also can help liquidate annoying winter fat from body. Let’s learn about sports in spring more!

Sports in springWith the beginning of spring, people are drawn to the outside.Increases the desire for outdoor exercise. Cycling, jogging or walking in trend again.But be careful, to the first training doesn’t end with painful muscles or even an injury, should be chosen a slow rhythm. For beginners or older returners also a fitness check with the doctor makes sense, because not every sport is suitable for everyone. In addition to the age and general health factors, such as pre-existing conditions, high blood pressure, smoking, diabetes and obesity, play a role in choosing the right sport.But even in the case of healthy people, a sports-check doesn’t make result, because sometimes consequences from type of infection or from an injury, become noticeable only after exercise.

Increase physical activity gradually.

If the choice for sports in the spring is not restricted by health reasons, sport should be selected according to their own preferences , because only if sport is fun, you can achieve good results. But however, it shouldn’t be exaggerated, in order to avoid overloading at the start of training. So after exercise may indeed some fatigue, but the sport should not be an ordeal. Persistent pain during or after exercise, which go beyond the usual soreness, here are a warning sign of the body! And this should be investigated by a doctor. Without complication the load can be increased gradually, initially for the long term, and then in depending on the frequency of workouts. Here, from a health perspective is an exercise three to four times a week for about half an hour is sufficient. And who does not like a lonely morning jog or bike ride, can join to many clubs with interesting offers for example, running clubs, Nordic walking laps or organized tours.

What else is important for the sport in the spring.

Especially in the spring with its often cold morning and evening hours, the warm clothing is still important. In addition to headgear should be taken breathable clothing, prevent sweat shirt, sweater and jacket. In addition, especially intense workout should always start with warm-up and stretching exercises to prevent injuries to ligaments, tendons, muscles or joints. And after exercise are loose workouts for so-called cool-down schedule. Also important are adequate hydration and recovery periods in which the body can regenerate.