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Tips for a proper sauna

Regular visits in to the sauna improve the wellbeing and relaxation, is well known. Especially in the cold season is the sauna also in terms of strengthening the immune system is very popular and and have a positive impact. However, should be taken into account for a proper sauna there are some rules.

SaunaThe basic equipment for a sauna includes both a large towel on which one has adequate room lying down, as well as several smaller towels to dry. In addition, shower gel, shampoo, slippers, a body brush and plenty of drinking water should be in every sauna bag. Also an extra socks and a bathrobe are useful for breaks between sauna sessions. With this equipment, you are then optimally prepared for a sauna. However, before we start, you should note that a sauna neither on full nor on empty stomach don’t makes sense. But, however, drinking is very important in the sauna. The thorough cleaning of the body is to facilitate not only for reasons of hygiene, but also to perspiration, since the natural oil from the skin.

One to three sauna passages are optimal.

For proper sauna, it is important to relaxing into the sauna.It takes a single transition usually 8-15 minutes. Following the cooling occurs, first movement possible in the fresh air, then in the plunge pool or under a cold shower. After a rest can then be started with the next passage sauna. It is generally recommended for beginners to try first sauna shorter passages and the lower, because cooler to use benches in the sauna. By the time you can find out by trial and error, the individual most appropriate times. As a rule, up to three sauna passages are well tolerated by the body. Depending on its own constitution but also more or fewer passes can be completed, applies here: as long as you feel comfortable and no physical problems occur sauna is safe. After the sauna passages, however, a prolonged rest is important so that the body can recover from the efforts of the sauna. In sports should be avoided. Positive factors are massages, as a better solution after the heat tension.

Sauna indication.

But sauna didn’t always have a positive effect on the body. So should be dispensed from sauna especially during fever, flu-like infections or inflammation. Also in diseases of the vascular system, thyroid or heart special precautions are required and, as with high blood pressure should first be asked a doctor for advice, so that the sauna is really a healthy treat.