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First rays of the sun – how to protect skin now

After the long winter with cold and darkness not only the mood is depressed in many people, the skin appears pale and unhealthy. The more the first rays of spring are now enjoyed. For this the weaned winter skin does not hurt to special protection is required.

First rays of the sunEspecially at the beginning of the spring, people are pleased with the first sun rays when they exchange the thick winter jacket against T-shirt or short-sleeved shirt and lunch can be enjoyed outdoors the sun. But often end the first sunbathing with a sunburn, because it is a common misconception that the spring sun still has no power. In addition, the skin has lost its natural protection against the sun during the winter and this must build only slowly. However, given to regular tanning bed visits in winter not help, because the solarium which is pre-tanned skin with UVA radiation. Important for the formation of the natural skin protection, however, is the lack solarium UVB radiation. So how to protect skin now??

Each sun may have consequences.

As tempting as the first rays of sun are the consequences of an ill-tanning session can unfortunately go far beyond an unpleasant sunburn addition, because the skin forgets not sunbathe. Especially with white skin cancer adds up the absorbed during the life of UV radiation and the number of cases increases significantly in older age at. But the risk for dangerous skin cancer increases with every sunburn. Therefore advise dermatologists to protect the skin from March to UV radiation. Besides textiles here mainly offers sunscreen suitable protection. But even good creamed may the intensity of the spring sun, especially the blazing midday sun, can not be underestimated, because the skin needs time to get used to the sun’s rays.

Slow habituation and a high sun protection are now important.

In order not to risk with sunburn in the spring, with a high sun protection factor should already be selected. It is best also, the skin gradually get used to the sun and to limit the first sun baths on ten to fifteen minutes maximum with SPF 50. Especially since the specified SPF is only achieved when the sun cream is applied about two millimeters thick. But as thick course putting lotion on her no one, so that the actual achieved sun protection factor is significantly below the specified value. In addition, for longer stays outdoors and re-applying lotion should not forget to renew previous example, by sweating lost protection. However, can be increased by frequent creaming neither sun protection, nor extend the maximum residence time in the sun. The latter is the type of skin primarily dependent and can be customized according to the rule of thumb SPF times skin type dependent self-protection time to be determined.