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Help with irritated eyes

Both at work and at leisure, the eyes are stressed by work or television screen at the present time. Rest breaks to relax the eyes are rarely possible. The result is eye strain, which react with redness, itching, swelling, or even drought.

Irritated eyesThe eyes must absorb almost 80 percent of our sensory impressions. They continuously monitor the environment both near and in the distance as they can focus to different distances easily. In the age of digital media and computer work but they are often overwhelmed. In particular, the concentrated look at the screen means that the eyes are irritated because of the natural blink reflex with which to clean the eyes takes significantly. An additional burden represent dry air, air conditioning, pollution, wind, artificial light and allergens.

If the eyes are irritated.

Irritation of the eyes are a typical sign that they are overworked. By concentrated staring at a computer or television, stark differences in brightness and other environmental influences may cause burning, bloodshot eyes. Sometimes in addition also occur itching or swelling. Physicians speak then of a non-specific conjunctivitis usually acute and short term occurs and a sign of over-stimulation of the eyes or of the conjunctiva. The symptoms tempted to rub your eyes, what the irritation has only strengthened. In addition, get into your eyes, so that from a harmless eye irritation infective conjunctivitis is that requires medical treatment on the hands of foreign body or even pathogens. It is therefore better to relieve the eye as quickly as possible and to avoid potential triggers.

What helps with irritated eyes?

If the eyes are irritated after a long day at work, fast relief is required. Here, for example, help cool compresses with eyebright, a medicinal plant that relieves eye strain. In addition, the symptoms usually improve by darkness and rest and sleep. If no respite possible artificial tears or herbal eye drops can soothe irritated eyes. However, the complaints keep for more than three days or occur more frequently, an ophthalmologist should always be consulted. In addition, you can also proactively do something irritated eyes:

  • Regular breaks from computer work by seeing out the window and consciously blink several times to relax the eyes and moisturize
  • Close your eyes several times a day and cover with the hands for a short time, because darkness is soothing
  • Avoid drafts, bright sunlight, smoke, chlorine water, wind and possible allergens
  • Help against dry heating air quite a few bowls of water
  • Clean contact lenses regularly, rather going on already irritated eyes on a pair of glasses
  • Sufficient drink and sleep.