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GcMAF – new impetus for the immune system in CFS

CFS is a disorder that conventional medicine ignores nearly for years – with the exception of some experts that there are fortunately. These experts see a cause of CFS in an overburdening of the immune system of the patient. On the involvement of the immune system is also indicated by the context of a serious infection, which took place in many CFS patients at the beginning of the disease. Therefore, therapies that support the immune system of CFS sufferers usually very helpful. GcMAF injections are one such method of therapy and help people to improve their quality of life. GcMAF is an acronym that stands for “group specific component” and “macrophage activating factor”.

GcMAFThe last three letters are the most important, since macrophages are the feeding cells in the immune system. They are always activated in the healthy person, if an infection is present when foreign objects are found (for example after injury) or by altered cells (precancerous lesions) that needs to eliminate the immune system. Then the macrophages take on such harmful particles. But they can not tacke all bacteria, viruses eliminate this way. Therefore, perhaps more importantly, what the macrophages after eating with infectious bacteria or viruses do: They digest the unwanted invaders, but not completely; undigested small amounts of pathogens transported the macrophage “presents” to its cell surface and there other cells of the immune system. The let that stimulate and then go in large numbers and precision against specifically against these pathogens before. Macrophages are therefore the “first line of defense” of the immune system, the bacteria and viruses destroy itself and simultaneously incited other parts of the immune system on the remaining pathogens.

So when macrophages are activated, then “jump” after some time the entire immune system strengthened “on” and does a better job for the concerned person. By administering GcMAF (mostly) as a weekly injection, may be exactly succeed in CFS patients. The first line of defense is improved by once again present in sufficient quantity macrophage activating factor a weak immune system is boosted in the long term and thus strengthen the self-healing powers of the patient.

Because many CFS patients have a very weak immune system and usually under protracted suffering infections (especially viral infections, often disease, more information about Lyme disease, see here) can be a great help such activation of the immune system.

What’s GcMAF?

GcMAF is a natural substance. It is formed in each healthy immune system in sufficient quantities. It arises from the so-called Gc protein. This is a company affiliated with three different sugar molecules protein that is primarily responsible for the transport of Vitamin D in the blood. That vitamin D transporter GcMAF can arise when two of the three attached sugars are cut off one by one. This is done by two enzymes from different immune cells; the so-called beta-galactosidase from B-lymphocytes and T-lymphocytes from Sialidase. Both enzymes highly specific and solve each just a sugar-sugar compound. The third sugar remains on the former Gc protein, which has thus become GcMAF. In the immune system of a healthy person these enzyme reactions run continuously from. GcMAF part of it into a functioning immune system. in patients who suffer from a weakened immune system, such as CFS patients, however, it is usually found only in small amounts. Why is that?

Nagalase – an enzyme for waste recycling.

The Nagalase is an enzyme that forms every healthy person. The body needs it necessarily, because the enzyme is responsible for having to eliminate cellular waste. The Nagalase also cuts off sugar molecules of proteins. However, it is proceeding not as targeted as the two GcMAF-forming enzymes above. The Gc protein simply cuts as from all sugar, Gc protein can no longer be the GcMAF then. Also already active GcMAF can be cut by the Nagalase and is ineffective.

Die richtige Menge der Nagalase im Körper ist daher von hoher Bedeutung. Gibt es zu viel Nagalase in Blut und Geweben, dann bringt es das natürlich vorgesehene Verhältnis zwischen Proteinen mit bzw. The right amount of Nagalase in the body is therefore of great importance. Is there too much Nagalase in blood and tissues, then it brings the course envisaged relationship between proteins or without sugar molecule compounds out of balance. Not only cellular waste is then disposed of, but also sugar molecules from functioning, active proteins will be cut off, which the cells need.

It is known that CFS patients have an increased Nagalase levels in the blood. The background for this is unclear. However, at the height of the corresponding CFS Nagalase blood levels with the severity of disease symptoms and is also due to degradation or the reduced formation of GcMAF, an indication of the weakness of the immune system.

With GcMAF support the immune system and to counter the pain slightly.

Since GcMAF stimulates the immune system, it can counteract the effects of CFS. The mostly weekly injections of the lack of autologous macrophage activating factor is eliminated. The immune system of CFS patients may be better again turn against any infections and also master other requirements. The GcMAF injection therapy may therefore be a real help for self-help of the body in CFS patients with weakened immune systems and is therefore a very valuable tool in the hands of holistic medicine.

In addition, practitioners report that treatment with GcMAF is able to reduce the migratory pain in CFS significantly. Our experience with the CFI Speyer GcMAF confirm these observations. So far there is no adequate scientific explanation for it, but it can be stated that many CFS sufferers report significant higher quality of life after a GcMAF therapy. For them it is usually better than for any other previously attempted therapy. An experiment with GcMAF injections in CFS may therefore be very worthwhile. In addition, a use of GcMAF in other diseases may be useful. Read more about this soon on this blog.