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Get rid of winter fat – so the few pounds

Hardly is it warmer, soft thick jackets airy clothes. But unfortunately, now is also the is fed in the cold months than winter fat unsightly extra weight on the hips, abdomen and buttocks. It’s high time to take action and to say goodbye to the excess kilos. Lets get rid of winter fat!

Get rid of fatEspecially in the spring when the sun is shining and the T-season starts, the winter sins manifest as annoying love handles. If T-shirt, blouse or pants tighten, many people feel the desire to actively do something about the kilos. Unfortunately, it is not enough of the will alone. First, the inner demon must be overcome and this project is actually put into practice. For a starting point, for example, one of the many popular diets, because if fast tumbling first kilos, spurs on the to persevere. Over time, however diets are often not sufficient to achieve the desired weight and then keep it. After a while, the body gets used to the low calorie intake and switches on the back burner, that is, it can reduce the energy consumption. Only through regular exercise and a change in diet is possible to permanent weight loss.

Consistent diet for lasting success.

Mostly, however, are not only the lush winter meals cause of winter flab, but also the associated coziness and winter sedentary. In addition to severe food in winter also significantly more alcohol is consumed. Here, therefore, have already initial attempts to purify the body by simple means and the excess kilos to declare war. Instead roast with gravy should now enhanced whole grains, lean meats, vegetables and salads are on the menu. This course may also drinking not be forgotten. Most suitable is any kind of water since it supports the detoxification process of the body. But also unsweetened herbal and fruit teas are ideal thirst quencher. A special support also comes in green tea, whose ingredients to inhibit the storage of fat and boost energy consumption. On the evening beer or glass of wine, however, should be avoided for a few weeks, because it hide not only plentiful calories from carbohydrates, but also alcohol and this also acts appetizing. And just at night should be avoided extensive meals and carbohydrates because they hinder the nightly melting of existing fat stores.

Without it nothing works.

But Diet and alcohol waiver are not sufficient in general to get rid of the unwanted holiday pounds. The only solution movement. Especially suitable are endurance sports such as swimming, walking or cycling, best two to three times a week. And who can motivate not only to exercise, which was to meet up with friends or enroll in a gym, because we know that makes sports more fun together and fixed dates are also not easily canceled.