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Helps with memory training against forgetfulness?

It seems to be so simple: To long to stay mentally fit even in old age, we need to train our brain as early as possible with puzzle. But is it really help for Brains: Sudoku and crosswords puzzles against forgetfulness?

Memory trainingTo old age, not only physically, but also to stay mentally fit, is the desire of most people. Above all, three things are important for the physical and mental fitness. You should still be open to new things in general in age and a lifetime of learning. Of course, exercise plays a role, as it can not only maintain physical fitness, but also have positive effects on blood circulation and the memory. For mental fitness is also important the social environment , because only those who cultivate social contacts and actively participates in the life, is his brain with new challenges and bring his gray matter moving.

Is it age are consequence of forgetfulness?

Just like physical performance, at the age decreases the performance of the brain. In this case, nutrient and oxygen supply to the brain, especially factors which play a role. Still, can not be stopped with specific training and active participation in the life the typical age forgetfulness. In addition to a healthy diet that supplies the brain with essential nutrients, and therefore movement for optimal oxygen supply may also contribute to memory training, the ability of the brain to retain existing neural connections and make new boost. And it is these networks of brain cells is crucial for the processing and storage of information. Also important is the formation of new nerve cells significantly support the learning and memory processes. Promote the formation of new nerve cells in the first place by doing mental change and physical activity to stimulate the formation of new blood vessels simultaneously. This closes the circuit, for improving new blood vessels in turn supply the brain with nutrients and oxygen, and thus have a positive effect on mental performance from.

Varied memory training has a positive effect.

Although the natural aging process can not be stopped, and increasing age must not be connected to mental decline. Although learning and processing information takes longer than before, but with the right help, it is still very possible. It is important, regular and varied brain training, where something new is learned. A controversial effect on the mental faculties, however, have taken unilateral exercises such as crossword puzzles, since they require only specific areas of the brain. Significantly better suited as a challenge for the memory here are varied hobbies, learning a foreign language or an instrument or a dance class, claiming all major areas of the brain and thus call for the gray cells.