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Good vision in old age

We are visual people – the eye gives us more impressions from our environment than any other sense organ. If the vision impaired, we feel quickly cut off from the world. The modern technical aids in everyday life, such as smart phone or tablet computer poses major demands on our

Modern medicine provides innovative examination and treatment methods a comprehensive range of diagnostics and therapy, even for complex diseases. Through the latest medical technology, medicine is able to offer to patients the full range of diagnostic and therapeutic.

New methods of treatment using the latest medical technology.

With the aid of special laser systems are extremely thin pieces of fabric – the cornea is only half a millimeter thick – implanted into the eyes of patients. Even more difficult is when the cornea of the patient has only partially clouded. Then tissue parts must be transplanted, which are only one tenth of a millimeter thick. Modern medical technology has enabled us here in the last few years a whole new treatments. The precision that is needed for a corneal transplant, we will only achieve with the help of laser technology. Another example of the technical development are vitreous surgery. The vitreous becomes cloudy with injuries very quickly, which is why an operation was impossible here long. Thanks to modern equipment we can operate even diseases of the macula, the point of sharpest vision in the back of the eye.

Cataracts and glaucoma are routine.

With approximately 4,000 procedures per year, treatment of cataracts is the most commonly performed surgery in the clinic. Here, the clouded lens is replaced by an artificial lens. Select Specially trained and experienced physicians together with the patient in a consultation clinic the optimum lens type. Due to the large practices in routine of doctors complications is extremely rare. In particular, the infection rate is at 0.02 percent, well below the international standard of 0.1 percent. This shows that if doctors comply with all standards, we can really operate aseptically and reduce the rate of infection to a minimum.

Unlike cataract glaucoma is an insidious eye disease. Typical is an elevated intraocular pressure. This caused long time no complaints, but it can damage the optic nerve without treatment. For this reason, you should have it checked the intraocular pressure regularly from the age of 45. If detected early, glaucoma can be treated with medication well. If the disease progressed too far, the affected eye is replaced in an operation a new drainage to reduce the internal pressure.