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Groomed feet are not only beautiful but prepare for sandals time

All winter they spent in thick winter boots, and during hands, face and body often get an extra dose of care, the feet are usually forgotten. Maximum time to indulge in a few effective measures.

Groomed feetSo you do not have to hide your feet in summer, you should already begin with a special care program, because crooked nails, calluses or cracked cornea are at no time a beautiful eye-catcher. The best way to start the pedicure to a foot bath. In warm water, you can enrich with nourishing oils and herbs, rough spots are smooth again, and disturbing cornea softens. With pumice or a scrub can now eliminate small calluses. Stronger calluses can be treated with a special Callus file. However, this should be done with caution, for it is soon may cause injury to the sensitive tissue underneath. Whether you put peeling and file already during the foot bath or only afterwards, it is up to you. In any case, the feet must then be thoroughly dried, whereby the spaces between the toes should not be forgotten, because here is athlete’s foot otherwise optimal growing conditions.

When caring for the nails do not forget.

After the foot bath toenails is your turn. By bathing even the otherwise often hard nails the big toes have become soft and can now be cut with nail scissors or clippers. If possible, the nails should be cut straight here, because this is a lateral ingrowth avoid. Sharp corners and edges leftover can then be post-processed with a nail file to prevent tearing of the nails. If you like, his nails can still rub with a nourishing oil or access to a nail polish. The cuticle should not be treated with scissors, incidentally, as this can lead to painful inflammation else. However, it must be pushed back with a wooden stick or a special cuticle stick in the direction of the nail bed.

Applying lotion completes the pampering for your feet.

The conclusion of the course makes pedicure applying moisturizer. Since the feet have very few sebaceous glands, here rich creams are required. Special foot  masks with aloe vera, almond oil or Urea allow the skin to not only be comfortable elastic, but provide them with lasting moisture and grease. At the same time gentle massage cream stimulates the blood circulation and eases tension. For a better result you can care lotion your feet in the evening and leave plenty of cream overnight under thick socks. But keep your feet well-kept appearance not only to Sandals time, the maintenance program should not remain a one-time event, but are repeated regularly.