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Healthy hair is beautiful hair

Beautiful hair is one of the main ideals of beauty, the range of hair care products is accordingly unclear. As skin appendages your hair requires not only maintenance of the outside, but also nutrients from the inside in order to grow back healthy and strong.

Healthy hairHair is like nails made of keratin, a protein made up of amino acids keratinized fiber. As with all proteins are in the broadest sense the keratin protein in order, so that you can recognize a low protein diet to brittle and limp hair. The recorded daily amount of liquid determined by the volume of the hair, which ultimately consists of 10 percent water. In general, an unbalanced diet bad for hair and scalp. Especially vitamin A, the B vitamins, biotin, and the trace elements iron and zinc are essential in order to promote hair health and their maintain in health. Power materials for beautiful hair is this wholemeal, offal, milk, vegetables, eggs, nuts and soy.

Beautiful hair – The worst sins care and how to avoid them.

The structure of our hair can be individually very different and thus also provides different demands on the proper care. For dry hair about an oily is more appropriate than for oily hair, is the better served with mild shampoos for children. Regardless of the hair structure, there care sins that can harm each beautiful hair sustainably. Frequent washing with hot water, followed by extensive drying drives all hair structures at the limit of their resistance. By brushes with sharp-edged and combs and hair bands, are incorporated into the metal parts, the attempt to avoid split ends is unnecessary. Frequent dyeing also takes beautiful hair strongly, while containing toiletries, strengthen their own hue, with harmless substances. To let long hair open at night, might seem tempting, but promotes hair breakage. Generally, it is more useful to support the hair in its natural resilience and to prevent mechanical irritation, for healthy and beautiful hair is still one of the ideal of beauty and evidence of health and wellbeing.

7 tips for beautiful hair

  1. Hair and diet – Beautiful hair grows only on a healthy scalp, ie allow sufficient vitamins and minerals to the roots to strengthen and vitalize.
  2. The shampooing – quality rather than quantity.
  3. Hair before washing brush – do not use sharp-edged brushes and combs.
  4. Take not for hot water, because the higher the water temperature, the more stressful for the hair.
  5. Wet hair is very sensitive, so you should bring a dollop of conditioner into the hair before washing to make it less leached.
  6. Split ends with a special hair care tip or intensive treatments, so that further splitting of hair is prevented.
  7. The hair contains inside about 10% moisture, which can easily be lost. To recharge the moisture use products are recommended that contain algae and sea minerals.