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Osteoporosis – when the bones break spontaneously

Many people notice a long time nothing, because osteoporosis or bone loss develops insidiously over many years. Only when it comes through a minor fall or spontaneous bone fractures, the disease is detected. In this case, osteoporosis occurs in both women and men aged.

Osteoporosis Among the most common causes of these, marked by excessive bone resorption disease is one of the estrogen deficiency, which is why women are almost twice as often affected by osteoporosis than men. However, lack of calcium and vitamin D, smoking, alcohol, lack of exercise and other underlying medical conditions can contribute to the development of osteoporosis. In addition, various medications such as cortisone, when taken for years, can lead to break bones. Most osteoporosis is recognized by vertebral fractures or after a bone fracture in a fantastic effort situation only when persistent back pain. A bone density test shows how far the disease has progressed. For treatment, among other bisphosphonates are used which inhibit the further bone loss and strengthen the bone structure remaining bones.

Prevention is the best medicine against osteoporosis.

So that it does not lead to an increased bone loss, are best strengthened since childhood bones and muscles. Of particular importance is a bone-friendly diet that is rich in calcium. In addition to dairy products also green vegetables, nuts and mineral water are good sources of calcium. For healthy bones also Vitamin D is important that our body is produced even in sunlight and contain particularly in sea fishing. On the other hand should be consumed in moderation food and beverage with phosphate additives such as cola or cheese, because they interfere with the absorption of calcium. Also coffee, alcohol and nicotine can damage the bone. Also important the diet and exercise. You will not only strengthen the muscles, but also ensures strong bones. In addition to strength training also targeted gymnastics, Qigong, walking or swimming is. The best boost, of course, in the open air, because of the body’s vitamin D production, humans need the already mentioned sunlight.