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Help with hamstring

The hamstring is a typical sports injury. Even if he is not dangerous, he is still very painful and takes a long time to heal. What remedies can help heal and what can speed up the healing process?

Help with hamstring
Sometimes everyone need help with hamstring. A hamstring occurs when a muscle the train can no longer compensate. Often it is the result of a rapid movement,  when jumping or even when sprinting or starting a sprint. This comes in addition to the disruption of muscle fibers and to bleeding into the fabric. Usually the thigh muscles are affected. Among the known causes include:

  • Not sufficient warming
  • Hyperacidity
  • Overwork the muscles
  • Uncoordinated movement

The insufficient warm-up is considered the most common cause. But the acidification plays a role. The athlete then feels may already warming up the muscles are less warm than usual. Fatigue is another risk factor. Especially long distance runners and soccer players are at risk if they are running on their power limits. Often it is the sport to a sharp loss of fluid, which shall be paid by the muscles and increases the risk of muscle injury. Torn muscle fibers by uncoordinated movements also occur in non-athletes who perform an unusual, connected with a lot of muscle movement. It is also possible a fall.
Signs of a torn muscle:

  • Stabbing pain
  • Immediate posture
  • Swelling is possible
  • Strong Disabilities
  • Bruise is possible

First Aid and Diagnostics.

Anyone who has had a hamstring, will know at a repetition with which he has to do it. Otherwise, is responsible for the diagnosis a doctor. He may confirm the diagnosis by palpation and perform an ultrasound examination in doubt. In case of accidents, it is important to clarify whether the bone is injured. In such a case at least one X-ray exposure is made. The most important first aid measure is the:

  • Pause
  • Ice
  • Compression
  • High storage

Aid in healing.

The hamstring takes weeks to months to complete healing. This break is important, because a hamstring may be associated with inflammation. Nevertheless, there are ways to help the healing. This includes bathrooms and envelopes with:

In the healing of muscle injuries, it is important to support the metabolism. Acidifying foods are not particularly helpful. Who usually not many acids to be, for example, on sugar-rich foods or ready meals, delayed healing. More suitable it is:

  • Low-meat to eat
  • To eat magnesium Empire
  • To drink sufficient water
  • To take raw food to be (especially cucumber, dandelion, radish)

As soon wears off the pain depends on the severity of the violation and the position. The thigh is much more difficult to protect than, say, the arm – and this has an influence on the healing.