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Lifeless hair can have many causes

Just after the long winter, the hair show often dry and lifeless. But not only the continuous change between cold winter air and warm air heating or tiring caps can be the cause of problems with the hair.

Lifeless hairHairs are traitors. They reflect not only the mood, but to them can also be measured as they maintained. Whether long or shoulder length, straight or wavy, an average of 100,000 to 150.00 hair every man has on his head. While the color, thickness and texture here are genetically determined, the hair structure is influenced by several environmental factors. So certainly knows each day on which the hair just hanging only powerless and can not bring himself with the best styling tips in the desired shape. However, when these days are part of everyday life and the hair always seem powerless and dry, environmental factors are mostly responsible. In addition to the natural aging process can also diseases, medications, and hormonal fluctuations, such as thyroid dysfunction during pregnancy or adversely affect the hair structure. Of course, stress, emotional distress, the care and nutrition play a vital role in the health of the hair, because basically: Only healthy hair can shine and look healthy.

If false attacks the hair care.

So the hair look healthy and strong, they need proper care. Especially after the winter, the hair is often dull, because their surfaces outside and dry heated air inside is dry and rough by headgear and the constant change of cold. To restore the natural shine again, dry, lifeless hair needs to be pampered with extra fat and moisture. On the other hand should be avoided everything dries out the hair even more. These include not only hair dryer, flat iron and curling iron and chemical applications such as perms or hair coloring. Another culprit in hair care, the silicone contained in many products, such as the protective layer around each hair lies down and glued them here so that moisture and other substances care the hair can not reach.

Dry hair as a sign of nutrient deficiency.

In addition to the exterior maintenance but also impacts the “internal maintenance” on the hair health. So need hair for a healthy, vigorous growth a variety of nutrients. Particularly important here is the supply of biotin, folic acid, zinc, iron and copper. Rich in copper, for example, whole grains, legumes and nuts. However, this is not the motto “more is better”, but care should be taken to a permanently balanced diet. Basically, you can also consult with your family doctor and to detect the causes using a blood count.