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Which rules of life can help to reduce the risk of stroke?

Three rules of life can significantly reduce the risk of stroke. The findings of a recent study was published in the journal STROKE. In particular, the normalization of blood pressure reduces the likelihood of stroke.

Risk of strokeThere are seven rules of life for optimum protection against cardiovascular disease, which has put together under the slogan Life’s Simple 7, by the American Heart Association. The rules are:

  • Prevention of hypertension
  • Normal blood glucose levels
  • Renunciation of tobacco use
  • Good cholesterol level
  • Avoiding obesity
  • Physical Activity
  • Healthy eating.

Now a recent study has shown that suffice three of these rules in order to significantly reduce the risk of stroke. In particular, good blood pressure can significantly reduce the risk, as stated in a press release. Optimal blood pressure reduce the risk of stroke by up to 60 percent.

Three rules protect against stroke.

For the study, 22,000 Americans were observed over the age of 45 years for nearly five years. The subjects completed at baseline of questionnaires about their lifestyle habits. This information was then comparing with the incidence of strokes. It was found that only half participants with an optimal lifestyle suffered from a stroke.

In addition to the proper adjustment of blood pressure, the avoidance of tobacco use had a significant influence on the risk of stroke. So did subjects who had not smoked for at least one year, has lower the risk of having a stroke on 40 percent. Also the blood sugar has great influence. It has been known that diabetes is one of the major risk factors for a stroke.

The protective effect against stroke was lower for the other lifestyle factors. Nevertheless, low cholesterol, physical exercise, healthy eating and normal weight are important health goals as they reduce the likelihood of a heart attack.