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Hope this is therapy of osteoporosis

On October 20, the Federal Centre for Health Education again osteoporosis or bone loss alert: Four times more women than men 50-79 years of age are affected. Although all the causes of the disease are not yet understood, but help is available.

Treatment of osteoporosisA stumbling, increasing the burden or a slight fall already lead to osteoporosis fractures. An alarm signs are painful spontaneous fractures and vertebral deformations without apparent cause.

Particularly at risk of developing osteoporosis are women who are past menopause after the age of 70. The synthesis of the protein calcitonin and vitamin D, both important for bone formation are controlled according to the gender of the sex hormones estrogen or testosterone. Because decreases after menopause in women, estrogen levels, also suffers from the bone metabolism. Therefore, women are more affected than men, where the testosterone level remains constant for a long time.

Causes and Diagnosis.

In addition to genetic predisposition of life and general health play a role in whether or not Osteoporosis happens:

  • Lack of exercise
  • Unbalanced diet with too much phosphate
  • Frequent diets
  • Excessive coffee, nicotine or alcohol
  • Medication: cortisone, cancer therapeutics, antidepressants
  • Diseases of the thyroid or adrenal

After spontaneous breakage or frequent falls, especially the elderly or people with underlying medical conditions recommends screening for osteoporosis.
With a history of not only living conditions, but also motion and functional disorders as well as medication or previous fractures are checked.
Also important is the measurement of bone density (bone densitometry), which is determined by low-dose X-rays at the lumbar spine. Fractures and creeping deformation of vertebral bodies are typical manifestations of osteoporosis: You are also determined by X-ray.

In a special blood test looks for inflammation indicators which point turn on the cause of vertebral deformations.

Prevention and treatment.

Prevention and also help in the treatment of the following measures:

  • The patients should pay attention to their weight: underweight promotes bone loss.
  • A lush supply of vitamin D and calcium are more important than was assumed only recently. Although the body can produce vitamin D itself, but does this ability with age, an appropriate nutritional supplement is therefore useful.
  • A versatile, healthy diet with enough milk products support the therapy and prevention.
  • Plenty of exercise promotes inter alia, bone metabolism: gentle strength training, aerobics, Nordic walking and hiking can be trained by older people again carefully.
  • Counter osteoporosis, there are medications that stop or help promote bone metabolism bone resorption. Together with the improvement of living conditions and an effective pain therapy, which allows more movement, the bone resorption process can be slowed or stopped.