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How dangerous is house dust?

House dust allergens as a much-discussed topic. But what is house dust exactly what risks go from him, its origin can actually be prevented and how to take it off without creating additional health risks?

House dustThe bad news: It does not exist, “the” house dust. Its composition depends on the substances that occur in the living areas. Thus, the dust in different offices of the private households and of the public buildings. House dust is a total accumulation of inorganic (non-natural) and organic (natural) substances. Under the microscope, thus showing mainly fibers, but also shed skin of humans and animals, as well as soot, dust, road grime, pollutants from the facility, dead insects and bacteria typical house. This shows that house dust is inevitable. The natural air movement brings the particles to each other so that they combine to form more or less visible balls of and be visible so only for humans.

When is house dust dangerous?

Residential premises without dust there is not, while people are usually the largest supplier. Our secretions, namely a considerable amount of dander, are the staple food for mites, fungi, but also for bacteria. There are of their waste products that can be dangerous for sensitive people. The dust itself through its connection, and as long as he is not shredded by an improper air conditioning and blown back into the room, hardly dangerous. The symptoms that occur in sensitive people, however, are hard to miss. Watering eyes, sore throat, cough sets in the worst case even severe shortness of breath. In extreme cases, the development can escalate to a allergic asthma. The doctor can determine by means of an extensive investigation, the issue is actually an allergy. The treatment will depend on the extent of symptoms.

Treatment of house dust allergies.

It goes without saying that house dust allergies should have as little contact with house dust. A clinically clean environment, perhaps even loaded with harsh detergents, but it is not conducive. The housecleaning should be taken over by other people as possible, and that using a good vacuum cleaner or dust cloths that stir up anything. Pets should not be allowed into the bedroom and be brushed out of the house. If there is basically in dust contact with shortness of breath, allergy remedies are needed that can prevent a worsening of the condition. The right home furnishings can also help in maintaining health. Carpets and curtains are not particularly suitable for severe allergies. Instead, surfaces that can be freed gently and without detergent using a steam cleaner dust are. Much stay in the fresh air, sport, which is appropriate to the state of health, and healthy eating can help to stabilize the state of health.