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How helpful flaxseed oil is ?

That linseed contains many omega-3 fatty acid and therefore has healthy benefit, this is long been known. But so far, the flaxseed oil could not replace the consumption of fish. A new study contradicts that assumption.

Flaxseed oilOmega-3 fatty acids have many positive properties: they improve the elasticity of the blood vessels and reduce blood fat levels. A particularly favorable to the human body is type of omega-3 fatty acid which was found in fats of sea fish. But due to the increasing of world population and the large number of orders the process of fish delivery was complicated. In addition, not everyone likes fish, and some give up the pleasure of marine animals, because they are vegetarians.

Find another source of healthy omega-3 fatty acid, that is very important. Now scientist has made an alternative for eaters of the fish. You could see in a study that the need of omega-3 fatty acid may also be covered by linseed oil. After all, unlike previously thought, this herbal oil may well replace the intake of omega-3 fatty acids of fish.

Flaxseed oil improves blood lipid levels.

Linseed oil is particularly rich in alpha-linolenic acid, which is converted by the body into the omega-3 fatty acid. For the study were taken the subjects who were 62 years old in average , all suffered from high blood pressure and from overweight. All they took daily two tablespoons of linseed oil over a period of eight weeks. During the of the study, they did not ate fish.

Summing up the data demonstrate increase of omega-3 fatty acid in blood in twice compared with the initial level of omega-3 fatty acid. In addition, blood pressure had dropped and blood lipid levels have improved. Thus the study shows that flax oil is well suited to provide the body with the health omega-3 fatty acid. Nevertheless, experts advise not to waive from meat, as far as it possible.