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How important is breakfast for children?

Every third child don’t have breakfast in the morning, although this is for their performance have great importance. School children who eat breakfast regularly are, obviously, more powerful and less thick.Breakfast for children

Children who regularly eat in the morning, have a low BMI (body mass index) than those, who only sometimes or never take breakfast. They also achieve better performance in motor tests. This researchers found in a study.

For the study, several hundred school children were interviewed at the age of seven to ten years about their eating habits. They also completed a sport motor test, which included, inter alia, long-distance running, long jump and sprint. “The study highlights the importance of regular breakfast for children” says study leader.

Without breakfast the concentration is suffers.

However, no data on the origin or the social background of the children were collected for the study. So it’s not ruled out that it the lack of breakfast for children is not only one factor, that reduced performance of children causes. Сhildren who come from disadvantaged families, often have problems with their performance. At the same time it can be assumed, that they rarely get a breakfast.

However, it can hardly be doubted how important a regular and balanced meal in the morning, because other studies had previously reached similar results. In addition, they were able to show that children who are sent to school without breakfast, often have difficulty concentrating and decreased cognitive performance.