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Spring Tired? What’s behind it?

Spring fatigue almost everyone knows. Finally, it is warmer and place of joy and zest, a leaden fatigue spreads in the limbs, which complicates everyday life. But what exactly is the spring fatigue and what can be done about it?

Spring TiredThe spring fatigue is not an illusion. It is the result of a biochemical process, and thus certainly no excuse, just when the force seems to be lacking to do something. Reason is typical for spring hormonal changes. This physiological change is initiated by the increasing sunlight. The body gets the signal that winter is over. As a result, men make more testosterone and women have more estrogen. At the same time, the formation of the sleep hormone melatonin decreases and the happiness hormone serotonin. Actually, people must now be especially alert and energetic, but this change is stressful – and that makes tired

Tired into spring.

Everyone reacts to the change in hormones different and everyone experiences them differently. And of course, the weather plays a role. A delayed spring loaded not only the plant and animal world, but also the people. The spring fatigue is a slow and takes longer. Especially after a hard winter, the feeling can occur that the spring fatigue never ends.They typically occurs around mid-March and can be drawn into April. In need of treatment is not usually, but may be accompanied by symptoms such as circulatory problems, so that a physician is recommended. Help is also against the less severe signs of hormonal changes.

Get out of the spring fatigue.

The good news is that the spring fatigue should not be. With the right tricks anyone can overcome the fatigue quickly and enjoy the spring. The best support is provided by sunlight. A daily walk in the fresh air stimulates the metabolism. Although it is difficult to get up early helps! Those who do not live on a busy street and now tears open the window and breathe in deep, pumping fresh oxygen into the body. Contrast showers awaken the spirits as well. At the beginning is the warm and comforting shower, followed by a short cold stream and already the circulation going.Such cold showers help especially people who are cold in the morning and feel exhausted. The diet should be adjusted. Instead of big meals include fruits and vegetables to the diet. Spring Tired people who do not feel better despite all these measures should consult a doctor. There may be a disease. In addition to general fatigue, it may also be a Thyroid disorder, which is easy to treat in many cases.